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Flint's Tragedy and the Distrust of Tap Water

The slow moving tragedy that the city of Flint, MI has experienced in the last year, and which has exploded in the media only recently, provides many opportunities for criticizing political and technical authorities, who have massively failed their constituents and customers. The priority in this situation should be the unconditional support for the people of Flint, and particularly their children, both by providing safe water and remedial care and other forms of aid to fight the consequences of the continued ingestion of water with heavy concentrations of lead.

Maps in R

I have spent quite a lot of time lately learning to use the R programming language for my work. Mainly I use it to perform statistical analyses, and I have to say that I am quickly falling in love with it. I had limited experience using Stata during grad school, and I never really liked it very much. But I have learned some Python and even C++ in the past, and since R is a full programming language its use is much more familiar and intuitive to me.