My research interests focus on global and transnational sociology, environmental sociology, political sociology and social movements, the sociology of science, and the sociology of knowledge.

These are my published papers:

Gordon Gauchat, Timothy O’Brien and Oriol Mirosa. 2017. “The Legitimacy of Environmental Scientists in the Public Sphere.” Climatic Change 143(3–4):297–306). (please email me if you want a pdf copy)

Oriol Mirosa. 2015. “Water Affordability in the United States: An Initial Exploration and an Agenda for Research.” Sociological Imagination 51(2):35-67.

Oriol Mirosa and Leila Harris. 2012. “Human Right to Water: Contemporary Challenges and Contours of a Global Debate.” Antipode 44(3):932-949.

Lyla Mehta with Oriol Mirosa. 2004. “Financing Water for All: Behind the Border Policy Convergence in Water Management.” IDS Working Paper 233. Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies.